ASG Solid Cylinder for AEGsThe cylinder inside your AEG gearbox is a compression part of your gun. it contains the air that is compressed by the piston and piston head when firing. Airsoft Cylinders are one of the simpler parts of a gearbox, with very few variations and differences between the brands, but there are still differences. In this FAQ, we’re going to answer any of the questions that you might have when looking at buying a piston for your airsoft gun.

Will any cylinder fit my gun?

If you have a V2, V3, V6 or V7 Gearbox, any standard cylinder will fit in your gearbox. However, there are a few little things that can affect how your cylinder works with your gun.

You may notice that some cylinders have holes in the walls, these can affect how your gun performs. Read the ‘Why does my cylinder have holes in?’ section below for more information.

Some specialist cylinders are designed to have more volume than ‘normal’ cylinders, these are called ‘bore-up’ cylinders and are often bought in bundles with matching cylinder heads and piston heads.

Why does my cylinder have holes in?

The cylinder’s job is to contain the air that is compressed and sent down the barrel. However, sometimes, with a solid cylinder and a short barrel, the BB will be pushed down the barrel before the air is fully compressed. Resulting in a lower than expected FPS.

The holes in the cylinder, known as ‘porting’ or ‘ports’, allow air to escape the cylinder before compression, resulting in the optimal amount of air being compressed and sending the BB down the end of the barrel at perfect predictable FPS.

The closer the holes are to the end of the cylinder, the shorter the barrel it can be used for. The different position of the holes give the cylinder a ‘type’. The different ‘types’ and recommended for barrel lengths can be found in the ‘What is the difference between the airsoft cylinder types?’ FAQ, below.

Which cylinder does my gun need?

The cylinder that your gun needs depends on the length of the barrel that is attached to the gun. Below is a list of the different cylinder types and the barrel lengths they’re meant for.

What is the difference between the airsoft cylinder types?

As explained above, cylinder ‘types’ are matched to barrel lengths. This assumes that your AEG is not short stroked to lower the piston travel. If you’re not sure what that means, it’s probably safe to ignore.

Type-0 cylinder is the ‘solid’ cylinder. A Type 0 cylinder has no holes or porting, meaning that the whole volume of the air goes down the barrel. These cylinders are best suited for barrels 451mm – 550mm (and beyond).

Type-1 cylinder is the first kind of ‘ported’ cylinder and lets the least amount of air escape from compression (with the exception of the solid cylinder). This kind of cylinder is recommended for barrels 401mm – 450mm, such as M14s.

Type-2 cylinder has porting / holes roughly 1 quarter of the way down its length (or 3 quarters if you flip it over!). These cylinders are optimised for use in 301mm – 400mm long barrels.

Type-3 cylinder is ported to release more air than others and is best for short barrel applications like MP5 and PDW barrels.


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