Airsoft Innovations' announces new and improved airsoft grenade

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The Tornado Grenade

Airsoft Innovations’ original offering, ‘The Tornado’ grenade, was a general pain to use. 

It had a complicated arming procedure that was impossible to use whilst wearing gloves mid-skirmish, without losing a million parts; It required you to ‘speed load’ (a term I use loosely) each BB into its barrel and would only occasionally go off when intended, with more of a cough than a tornado; And finally, it was arguably more expensive than the majority of people are willing to pay.

We don’t mean to shit all over this product, but it’s easy to do in retrospect. We do it with the knowledge that it was the first of its kind in the airsoft market and, as their name suggests, an airsoft innovation. Before the original Tornado grenade came along there was very little on the market that could simulate a grenade in the way a Tornado did. 

However, we shit on this product because, much like everything else in life, something that was once great has been succeeded by something even better and we look back on it to see its flaws. 

The brand new ‘Cyclone’ grenade is, once again, an airsoft innovation
. The makers of the Tornado grenade have taken every single one of the above criticisms on board and produced the Cyclone grenade; A grenade that is as easy to use, as it is on your wallet. 


Airsoft Innovations heard that the Tornado was cumbersome to arm, specifically under pressure and whilst wearing gloves. They’ve re-designed the arming mechanism to get rid of all the wafers and spacers. Simply pop off the top and push the pin in and over to the side, it’s armed. With this new arming mechanism, there’s no bits to lose, no gloves to remove.

Testing remains to see whether the new arming mechanism is more reliable or sensitive than the previous mechanism, but all signs point to it being a huge upgrade over the previous system.


The old grenade required you to use a speed loader to put BBs into their chamber. The new grenade simply needs you to remove its base, gas it up, pour in some BBs and replace the base. The video from Airsoft Atlanta demonstrates the new loading mechanism extremely well. 

The rubber base is removed to fill the grenade with Gas and BBs. This makes filling the grenade to re-use much easier than previous grenades but offers another part to lose or break. We personally think that it’s a worthwhile compromise, especially when you look at the cost of spares.


The Cyclone grenade boast the ability to fire each BB from the grenade at 225fps. This fps isn’t far off from the stock fps that most Marui guns offer, it’s quite unlikely that anyone will be disputing their hits from this grenade.


The old Tornado was retailing for $75 (£50). Airsoft Innovation has designed this vastly improved grenade with an RRP of just $39.95 (£26). That’s half price! The low price makes it feasible to own multiple grenades without breaking the bank but might leave some to ponder on the products quality and durability.

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Airsoft Atlanta has a great product overview on this and really highlights how improved the product is. 

Z-Shot Released a great teaser of the new Airsoft Grenade in action.

We’re exciting to see how this new grenade performs in the future. Join in the discussion below in the comments or on social media: