The Black Ops MTO could be revolutionary to airsoft. 

It’s airsoft’s first ever magnetically powered airsoft gun. The MTO is airsoft gun that uses magnets to propel its munition. It boasts
millisecond trigger response, 100% fps consistency, a battery that lasts 1 week and a durability of over 1 million rounds.

It is supposedly absolutely silent in its operation and has been in R&D for over 2 years. 

Without being able to get hands on with the product, everything is currently pure speculation.

We don’t have a lot to go on but we’ve gathered a couple of key points from the above video and articles. 

BO Boast that this gun has a millisecond response time, this is a huge step up from waiting for your AEG to spool up. 
They also boast the ability to have 100% fps consistency and a battery that lasts up to a week. These are all amazing upgrades to your standard AEG, but at what cost? This gun will supposedly go on sale starting at €500. 


We don’t know if the MTO Phantom uses special ammunition. A Magnetically powered gun lends speculation to a rail/coil gun design (requiring special, conductive ammo). Whilst, there’s been no confirmation that it uses a rail/coil gun type set up, the fact that ‘
the whisper of BBs will be the only sound you will detect’ somewhat confirms the speculation.

This design could be an absolute flop if it requires users to buy specific, hard to get hold of and expensive ammunition.

Rail/Coil Gun Design:

The images of the gun that we see in the above video may not be the product. So the below is purely speculation.

These images (taken from 0,20g’s video) show that the weapon uses an integrally suppressed design. 

This could be a design choice by the manufacturer, but most manufacturers like to produce a ‘standard’ design that customers can customise to their liking. We think it’s much more likely that the MTO Phantom does use a coil/rail gun design and this is their method of hiding the workings. 

This is a great way to get bulky coils into the gun but could cause some customers frustrated that they can’t change the outer barrel for something that they prefer. 

Conversely, coil/rail gun designs are power hungry and often unreliable, with all this speculation we’re struggling to see how they’re doing it.

Something hidden?

In this final shot of the video, we see our protagonist from behind with the gun pointing up pointing over their right shoulder. 

In this shot the man’s hooded jacket very conveniently covers the left hand side of the gun and the one opportunity to get a close look. This is something that anyone shooting the video should have noticed. Further more, this area isn’t once shown in the above video for any decent amount of time.

What are they hiding?

This area could hold some key information about the gun and could be specifically hidden from view to delay the release of information. Could it be trademarks? Some sort of screen? Was it an accident? We’ll have to wait for more information.

At this stage in the game, there’s not a lot to go on but there is definitely a buzz around this product and we’re always excited about new innovations.  Join in the discussion below in the comments or on social media: