Airsoft FAQ – AEG Pistons

The piston in your AEG translates the rotational movement of your gears into linear movement of the piston. This piston (when paired with a piston head) compresses the air in the cylinder and propels your airsoft ammunition down range.
You may be looking to replace your AEG’s piston for a repair, upgrades or just to learn […]

Airsoft FAQ – Ammunition (BBs)

Whilst you may think that BBs are BBs are BBs, there’s a lot of difference between different kinds of BBs and manufacturers and it’s important that you understand the differences.
Here are some of the most common questions that you might have when looking at the best airsoft BBs for your Pistol, AEG, Sniper Rifle or […]

AEG Cylinder F.A.Q

The cylinder inside your AEG gearbox is a compression part of your gun. it contains the air that is compressed by the piston and piston head when firing. Airsoft Cylinders are one of the simpler parts of a gearbox, with very few variations and differences between the brands, but there are still differences. In this […]

UK Bill Could Classify Some Airsoft RIFs as Fire Arms?

A bill has been read in the House of Commons that could cause issue for some airsofters.  

Part of the bill, 
which can be found to its full extent here, proposes an exclusion in Policing and Crime Bill 2015-16 that permits the sport of airsoft to continue without RIFs being classified as firearms. 
This sounds fantastic, a great step forward […]

Airsoft Innovations’ New Grenade: The Cyclone

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The Tornado Grenade

Airsoft Innovations’ original offering, ‘The Tornado’ grenade, was a general pain to use. 

It had a complicated arming procedure that was impossible to use whilst wearing gloves mid-skirmish, without losing a million parts; It required you to ‘speed load’ (a term I use loosely) each BB into its […]

12 Ways to Improve Your AEG’s Rate of Fire.

Every airsofter wants a little bit extra from their AEG.  You may not want a 40rps rof monster but it can’t be denied that a snappy rate of fire and quick trigger response will give you confidence in the heat of a skirmish to engage targets, be more agressive and generally have more fun. 
Outlined below are […]