FRV Tailoring is relatively unknown. They’re a small, custom shop for tactical equipment based in Nottinghamshire, UK.

One of FRV’s most popular items is their “Shooters Belt”, a simple yet innovative belt that is a huge improvement over your traditional belt and yolk set-up for shooters.

We bought two over a year ago, and it’s about time we told you our thoughts!

What is it?

FRV Tailoring’s belt is a two-piece system; an inner velcro-backed belt, and a slim outer MOLLE belt. The inner belt goes through your trouser’s belt loops, fastened around your waist with velcro. This then gives a full circumference of velcro for the outer to attach to.

The outer is then wrapped around your waist (outside the belt loops) and secured with a BEEFY Cobra buckle.

Why is it so great?

The two best things about the FRV Tailoring shooter’s belt?

You’re able to remove your second line equipment, quickly and easily without having to faff around with fucking belt loops!

It also supports the load it carries extremely well by distributing the weight around your hips evenly, rather than just on the belt loops. It is incredibly secure. We happily carry a pistol, magazines of both kinds, pyro and medical kits without any issue at all. We have also carried bottles of water on our waists and havent experienced any issues with the loosening or sagging.

All around the outside of the belt is two rows of half-height MOLLE loops, giving you plenty of room to mount your equipment.


Whilst this method of mounting equipment is not necessarily unique or original to FRV Tailoring, it’s the quality of the piece that sets it apart.

The vast majority of FRV’s equipment is hand-made to order, giving you the opportunity to have it tailored to your liking.

The quality of the belts is second-to-none. You can tell by looking at them that they are well made, quality pieces of work. The belt is constructed from heavy-duty webbing material that will easily put up with some serious wear and tear. I know for a fact that many serving soldiers use these belts for their duties as FRV tailoring fulfilled an order for a barrel load of rifleman earlier this year.

Whilst the actual product is fantastic, you can tell that the company is a victim of their own success. On both occasions (and we’ve heard from other customers) we had to wait over six weeks for our orders to arrive when originally quoted just two weeks. It took chasing before we got updates on our orders.

Granted, there’s nothing inherently wrong here but a bit of poor communication and if you’re ordering something already made, there’s nothing to worry about. but it’s worth noting if you’re buying something custom in a bit of a rush, their estimated shipping dates may be a little optimistic.


There’s no fat tax here. Even if you’re using a whole 12 inches more material than the average human, you’re not paying extra. Prices for the Shooter’s Belt start at £69.99 for the regular belt in a choice of Olive Green, MTP, Multicam, Coyote Tan, Black, Grey, Multicam Black, Multicam Alpine and ATACS-AU. Some of these come with a choice of velcro and buckle colours.

A solid range for all seasons and runways.

You can also pick up a shooter’s belt with an added D-ring, for £79.99. This obviously serves a purpose for a little more than airsoft.

How does it compare to the Crye MRB?

It shits on it.

You can buy two different variations of the FRV belt and still have enough change for a couple of pouches. We have no doubt the FRV would also last longer due to the nature of materials used.


For £70, we don’t think you could get a better belt. There are not many (if any) places where you could pay so little for a piece of custom, hand-made equipment at this level of quality. Communication issues aside, this one-ish man band is smashing it and we could not do without ours.

This is a 10/10, would recommend.